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We are really excited to continue working with Rural Route Farms to bring you the exceptional Italian nucs you've come to expect.

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 Italian nucs consist of a laying queen that is already accepted by the hive and 5 frames, 3 frames of brood in varying stages– eggs, larvae and capped brood, 1 frame of nectar and/or pollen, and 1 expansion frame that allow for a possible burst of growth brought on by a nectar flow.   Your nuc will come in a corrugated nuc box that is yours to keep.  

Bees will need to be installed in your equipment immediately after pickup.  Bees are delicate livestock.  Central Beekeepers Supply LLC or Rural Route Farms is not responsible for bee loss after pickup from our location.  It’s hard to predict the weather on pickup days.  Make plans to pick up your bees as early in the day as possible, when temperatures are the coolest, to keep the bees from overheating in the nuc boxes. 

Honey bees sting.  Some people have an allergy to the bee sting venom, even if being stung previously, allergies can develop.  Consult your doctor before keeping honey bees.  Central Beekeepers Supply LLC or Rural Route Farms are not liable for any harm due to keeping honey bees.  Proceed at your own risk. 



To order by mail, send a non-refundable $25 deposit per nuc payable to Central Beekeepers Supply.  The deposit will be applied to the amount due.  The balance is due upon pick-up.  Please include daytime & evening phone numbers.  Pick up will be at Central Beekeepers Supply’s NEW location 109 Warehouse Row, Russellville, Arkansas. To begin the mail order process print the below PDF order form.

Central Beekeepers Supply llc

Po Box 82  Russellville, AR 72811

Will begin taking orders for 2024 Nucs on January 1, 2024

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