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frame wedge topframes slotted top
Wedge Top
Deep 9-SG 
Medium 17-SG
Shallow 11-SG

Wedge Cleat
Slotted Top, Grooved Bottom Bar & Grooved End Bars
(Often referred to as Modern Frames)
50+ 1.15 EACH

Deep 9-N
Medium 17-N
Shallow 11-N
Foundationless, Comb Guide Top Bar Frames
Deep 9-F
Medium 17-F
Shallow 11-F

deep plastic black frame frames groovedplastic frame and wax coated foundation 
Deep Frame with Plastic Coated Foundation
Product Code 9-PB
Grooved Top, and a Grooved Bottom Bar Frames
Deep 9-SGX
Medium 17-SGX
Shallow 11-SGX
Plastic Frames with Plastic Coated Foundation
Deep Product Code 9-P
Medium Product Code 17-P
drone frame
Drone Frame & Waxed Foundation
Product Code 411D

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