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A bear got into two hives setting side by side.  The first night he destroyed the first, weaker hive, eating frames and all.  We never found the super.  He knocked over the second hive, turning it upside down, but the bees must have given him a pretty good lickin'.  He left them alone.  John set the second hive back up.  The bear came back the second night and destroyed that hive.  We never found the two supers that belonged to it.  He also got into a third hive more than 2 miles away.  It was destroyed and no bees found. 
September 2012

This was 2 hives.  The hive that was stacked on the blocks in the back was completely destroyed.  The second hive is turned upside down.  It consisted of 2 supers and a brood box.

Bear teeth marks on hive box.

John is putting the frames back in the brood box of the second hive. 

John is turning the supers upright to place back on the hive.

This is the 3rd hive that the bear got into, which sets more than 2 miles from the first two. 

Frame rest bent by bear. 

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